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IT Expert Witness ~ Technology, Media+IP, Litigation & Lawsuit, Software, Computer, Consultancy.


Media, IP

Ads and product movies

Advanced Research

Real estate

IT Server Architecture


Software, Apps

Comprehensive Expert Witness Service.   

Reliable experts with renowned worldwide expertise.

A fast and effective service for both small and large clients.

We research, investigate, analyze and present evidence so that it is robust enough to take legal action and, if necessary, an on-hand expert witness.


Experts ~

Independent and Impartial experts with relevant experience and credentials, educated and published in their respective subject matters, additionally have years of experience pursuing the most complex and challenging work in their fields. They are readily able to testify on issues related to highly specialized matters of all kinds.

Software, design, coding, app ~

Computer Architecture, deep design concepts, advanced coding and implementation knowledge.

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Whether an organization or individual is dealing with: 

Project, program or corporate failure;  patent infringement of a new technology;  trade secret misappropriation;  or the security implications of a breach where theft of a proprietary idea was the goal;  intellectual property (IP) case involving technical or scientific evidence;  failed FinTech or Technology M&A, programs or projects;  serious technology-driven incident - Hardware, middle-ware, Software, Architecture;  Cyberwarfare, ICT attacks & crime;  Forensic & Anti-forensic investigation plus analysis; then

- Litigation and Lawsuit support and expert testimony plays a crucial role in any case involving technical or scientific evidence.

Media IP

Small or large clients ~

We serve a wide range of clientele, and every client relationship is highly regarded.

Each engagement benefits from the depth and breadth of our expertise ranging from: remedying failed projects, organisations or mergers; un-balanced system or financial regimes or implementations; right through to obscure legal or technology areas.

Worldwide IT Expert Witness experience, litigation, lawsuit, rendering pre action consultancy.  

Fast and effective service for both small and large clients.

       *     “Best Technology Design & Development  Expert” 2017 Consultancy & Advisory Awards* 

       *.     “Best Law & Technology Consultancy” 2020 independently awarded.


Expert Witnesses - real expertise

With decades of case-hardened local and international Expert Witness experience, successfully supporting and assisting litigation on clients' behalf, investigation and analysis, plus recovering from or defending incidents, - you can focus on the path forward instead of finding yourself worried or overwhelmed.

Independent & Impartial

with relevant experience and credentials, Oxford and Cambridge and world-rated Universities, published in their respective subject matters.  Additionally have years of experience pursuing the most complex and challenging work in their fields, along with case-hardened real-world implementation.  They are readily able to testify on issues related to highly specialised matters of all kinds.

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Digital Media  &  Technology


Our witnesses have been practicing for decades and began before the .com internet boom of the 90s.  We’re on the pulse of modern technology and media, and have monitored their evolution to inform our own legal approaches—all to give you exceptional advice that will last for years to come.


We consistently deliver case-winning reports and testimonies working alongside the best lawyers in business, who have convincingly backed up their arguments with our findings. Our track record is attributable to the rigor and ethics to which our expert witnesses subscribe. They write their own reports and only present findings rooted in science and fact, as expert witness, trial consultants, and single joint experts (SJE) in both civil and criminal proceedings, and due diligence services. As independent specialists, we have worked on behalf of private individuals, corporations, investigating authorities and with advocates representing claimants or defendants.

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Clients ~

Get in touch with us to set up a consultation, or use the contact at the bottom of this page to enquire whether our services are right for you.

Reference, Research

Tech law is a little bit like the Wild West. There’s a lot of potential, but some rules can seem convoluted and vague at best.  The complex, important, and often ground-breaking world-wide cyber and technology matters on which we workattracts the best and brightestfrom around the world. We have been lucky enough to hire and collaborate with the bestin business, law, fintech, and technology. There's no substitution.

“We must all obey the great law of change.  It is the most powerful law of nature.”

Edmund Burke


We actively help our clients recover, extract and analyse case-critical data 

We work closely with our financial, government, business and legal sector clients to identify the location and scale of key data sources.  We then advise the best method of acquiring and preserving relevant information in a forensically robust manner.  Sources can include email accounts, devices, document management systems, obfuscated meta data, and cloud storage systems. Our industry standard plus custom-built digital forensic tools enable us to access archived or deleted data as well as live information, across many platforms and systems, legacy and advanced intelligent or futuristic.

Our digital forensics experts carry out targeted analysis to uncover a wealth of information that can be vital to a case.  This might include web and user activity, access and modification dates, hidden or obscured link files, thumb drive or external data storage activity, email chronology and printing, copying and deletion history.  Our findings, signed off by a trained qualified digital forensic expert, can then be used in the form of an Expert Report to support a formal case.


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